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Data Sheets
Data Sheets

Tallac Multi-tenant secure cloud service


ECP100-5P Gateway with Gigabit PoE switch & AC power automation

Luna D125   Gateway with LTE, Switch & AC power automation

AP620 802.11ax WiFi6 2x2 Dual-Band Wireless Access Point

AP640 802.11ax WiFi6 4x4 Dual-Band Wireless Access Point

ECW7211-L 802.11ac Wireless Cloud-based Indoor Access Point

ECWO7211-L 802.11ac Wireless Cloud-based Outdoor Access Point

ECS4310-28P L2+ Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch with 4 10G Uplinks


Access Point Quick start guide

ECP100-5P Quick start guide

Branch-Office 1000 (Luna D125) Quick start guide

Using a Tallac Gateway with an existing Firewall

Quick Start Guide ​

2mins 57 secs

A short overview introducing basic concepts of creating groups, sites, virtual networks, captive portals and deploying devices.

White papers

Software Defined Mobility

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The end of the traditional LAN

32mins 50 secs

One of the last IT resources to still make the migration to the cloud is the Enterprise LAN. However, since everything else is moving to the cloud, the way we use our LAN is changing. The actual critical IT resources still on the LAN have changed. Cloud management and Software Defined Networking are making it possible to radically simplify your Enterprise LAN – perhaps to the point where you can pay someone else to operate it. 

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