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Tallac Networks Delivers a New Level of SD-Branch Remote Site IT Automation

Cloud Managed SD-Branch Solution Delivers the Skills of the Best On-site IT Tech via a Low-Cost, Automated 24x7 Cloud Service

ROCKLIN, Calif., February 10, 2020 - Tallac Networks, a leader in cloud-based software-defined networking and SD-Branch solutions, is announcing new capabilities that radically improves the delivery of IT to the branch office through Tallac’s remote site automation appliance and service. Tallac will be showcased at the ITEXPO/SD-WAN Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this week. The Tallac SD-Branch Remote Site Automation solution provides cost-effective, cloud-based, integrated branch office connectivity with built-in automation to improve uptime, responsiveness and overall efficiency of managing remote sites.  The Tallac solution automates many of the functions performed by Site IT while offering a simplified and cost-effective approach to network connectivity, application enablement, and automated response and resolution of issues at branch offices and remote sites.

The Tallac SD-Branch Remote Site Automation solution provides branch office connectivity with integrated WAN/internet, Gigabit PoE switching ports, AC power ports, and USB ports for automated LTE failover. In addition to providing branch office connectivity, the Tallac solution automatically identifies and resolves common networking problems without having to send an IT tech onsite improving uptime, security, and responsiveness.

The Tallac solution provides monitoring of WAN/internet connectivity and takes automated action for internet recovery in the event of an interruption in connectivity in addition to implementing automated policies that provide failover of business-critical traffic to LTE to ensure applications and devices are always operational. Remote power control provides the ability to reboot a port/device based on a command, a schedule, or a specific event (like an interruption in connectivity) via automated policies to improve uptime and responsiveness.

Tallac has added new capabilities to the Tallac SD-Branch Remote Site Automation solution to expand automation, security, and management and reporting capabilities, including:-

Detailed discovery and reporting of connected devices for improved management and security at the branch office.-       

Penetration tests to identify and report on potential vulnerabilities to improve security.       

Enhanced automation rules with expanded monitoring and automated actions using Ping and HTTP to improve responsiveness in the event of connectivity issues.

Enhanced secure VPN and LTE out-of-band access to ensure secure remote access to the branch offices even when the primary internet is down.

Enhanced reporting of WAN and internet statistics, vulnerability scans, and discovered device reporting to provide improved visibility and control, security and compliance at branch offices.

“Tallac is radically changing IT for branch offices and remote sites.  The Tallac solution automates key tasks, keeps sites secure, and prevents unplanned service calls to remote locations. The goal is to provide a 24x7 presence everywhere so users have uninterrupted access to everything they need,” said Bill Johnson, President, Tallac Networks.

Tallac Networks will be demonstrating these capabilities at the SD-WAN/ITEXPO event this week. Paul Congdon, CTO of Tallac Networks, will be a featured speaker on the panel “UCaaS & SD-WAN – Like Peas and Carrots”  at the SD-WAN Expo on Thursday, February 13.

Tallac also received industry recognition at the Channel Partner Evolution event where it received the “Best New Product” Award in September 2019.

For more information on Tallac’s SD-Branch Remote Site Automation solution, please visit

About Tallac Networks:Tallac Networks is a leader in cloud-based, software-defined networking (SDN) and SD-Branch solutions. Tallac delivers proven cloud-based networking solutions that are used in many industries with over 1 million captive portal sessions and more than 300,000 individual users on the Tallac cloud.


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