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Customer Success

Delivering automated solutions to a wide range of companies
The Pain Solution Center

The Pain Solution Center in Redding, California provides detailed diagnostic consultation that results in a focused pain management program tailored to specific pain treatment needs.

Applied Technology Solutions, an MSP in Northern California, provides managed services and outsourced IT to support critical applications, IT needs, and to ensure business continuity and uptime of critical business applications for The Pain Solution Center.

Applied Technology Solutions installed the Tallac SD-Branch solution (Tallac ECP100-5P) to provide increased capabilities and remote site automation capabilities to better support The Pain Solution Center.


 “With the Tallac SD-Branch solution we have been able to set specific power availability schedules providing inherent security benefits and have been able to remotely reboot ports and devices to provide increased uptime and efficiency,” said Jeff Zimbalist, CEO of Applied Technology Solutions.   “We also have the capability now to create a customized ongoing schedule for the customer site to remotely reboot power on a scheduled basis to improve the ongoing health of the network”. 


“The remote site automation capabilities of the Tallac SD-Branch solution have improved the ability to support our customers more efficiently and cost-effectively and also allow us to provide new capabilities to improve uptime and business continuity of devices and applications at the site”.

Pain Solution center.png
Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District

The Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District provides, maintains and protects the Hidden Valley Lake Communities water.  They provide water, wastewater and reclaimed water services to the community of Hidden Valley Lake, California.


Applied Technology Solutions, an MSP in Northern California, provides managed services and outsourced IT services for Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District to ensure business continuity and uptime of the IT environment and business critical applications for Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District. 


Applied Technology Solutions installed the new Tallac SD-Branch Device (Tallac ECP100-5P) to support the Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District.  The Hidden Valley site is a fairly remote site and is a significant drive (about 5 hours round trip) to support. 

Applied Technology has utilized the Remote Power Control and other features of the Tallac SD-Branch solution to improve uptime, business continuity and realize better efficiency and cost-effectiveness of supporting the customer. 


An example of the benefits of the Tallac SD-Branch solution occurred when Applied Technology detected an issue at the Hidden Valley site via its SolarWinds RMM tool.  Upon detecting the issue, Applied Technology then utilized the Tallac SD-Branch Solution to immediately take action and remotely power cycle a MacPro that was “hung”  to rapidly resume business-critical applications at the site ---  without having to drive to the site to resolve the issue.


With the Tallac SD-Branch solution “the Remote Power control feature is fantastic to have as an option for business continuity and efficiency.  With this capability, we have been able to remotely reboot/restart devices to keep business-critical applications running without having to send an IT tech onsite.  Being able to do this at 6 AM remotely to resolve the issue within minutes has been a lifesaver” said Jeff Zimbalist, CEO of Applied Technology Solutions.


With the SD-Branch solution Applied Technology Solutions has been able to increase business continuity and reduce downtime for customers like Hidden Valley Lake Community Service District and has been able to service its customers more efficiently and more cost-effectively with the remote site automation and capabilities that the Tallac SD-Branch solution has provided.

Hidden Valley Lake.png
Fenton Herriott Vineyards

The Fenton Herriott Vineyards is a family-owned winery in Placerville, CA that is intimately involved in every part of the vintner process – from vineyard maintenance to the grape crush, fermentation and barrel aging, to bottling and direct to consumer sales.   Like most wineries, the Fenton Herriott Vineyards has vineyards, a wine cellar, tasting room, and outside facilities used to host special events for customers and wine club members. 


Like many businesses, at the winery, the internet is a critical piece of being able to service customers and process credit card sales.  Also like many small businesses, the winery has a small staff and “they know nothing about networking” comments Guy Herriott, Owner of Fenton Herriott Vineyards.  Ensuring internet connectivity and being able to identify and remotely correct potential issues without impact to customer sales and transactions is critical for the winery.


The winery installed the Tallac ECP-100-5P for site connectivity and to ensure internet connectivity and support for critical credit card transactions.  The ECP100-5P has provided many benefits to the winery including improved internet uptime, load balancing and failover of traffic, improved network performance and VPN access, and the ability to remotely reset the modem to allow rapid recovery of internet connectivity.


The ECP100-5P monitors internet access at the winery and supports multiple DSL modems at the site and load balances and provides failover of traffic across links appropriately if needed.  If the physical DSL lines are having issues, as often occurs during winter storms, the ECP100-5P fails over primary traffic to the USB LTE modem until the internet can be recovered.  The USB LTE link also provides a highly reliable way to reach the internet for reporting networking performance and providing VPN access if remote debugging is needed.  Email alerts also provide a reliable way of being notified of network issues without relying on an employee to report these issues. 


 “If an issue can be solved by a simple reset of the DSL modem, which is the solution most of the time, the ECP100-5P can do this automatically and remotely.  This saves valuable time in restoring the internet, especially if no one is on site capable of diagnosing the issue and performing the DSL modem reset” commented Guy.    “The ECP100-5P plays a critical role in helping to ensure our internet and customer credit card sales are up and running without having to have a local IT expert at the winery” adds Guy “which allows us to focus on what we are passionate about  - the wine!”

Fenton Herriot Wine.jpg
Milton Keynes Council, UK

By leveraging Tallac’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi service with Software Defined Mobility and OpenFlow enabled Guest Management app,  Milton Keynes Council reduces dependencies on incumbent proprietary networking systems and migrates the solution to a cloud-managed LAN provider to remotely manage secure guest and corporate networks.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective scale-out to 30+ remote offices

  • Effective guest portal

  • Access portal supports any OpenFlow wired and wireless

  • Centralized cloud-managed LAN service over (3) years

  • OpenFlow enabled 802.11ac WLAN access points

  • Cloud-delivered by trusted MSP – Comms-Solve

“ The Tallac team worked closely with our trusted MSP to meet our business drivers and deploy a ubiquitous business-class Wi-Fi network  based on open SDN principles.”

Gold Award by Steve Broadhead, Founder & Director of Broadband-Testing, Europe’s leading independent test labs

Milton Keynes logo.png
Arcohe Union Elementary School

Arcohe Union Elementary School is a K-8 grade elementary school in Herald, California.  Like many schools, Arcohe wanted to provide campus Wi-Fi for students and guests cost-effectively and securely.

Arcohe School utilizes the Tallac SD-Branch Cloud and Tallac Wi-Fi platform across the school campus enabling rapid deployment of campus Wi-Fi services for student and guest access. 


The Tallac 802.11ac WLAN access points and Tallac Cloud supports over 500 active users at a time with secure Wi-Fi connectivity.  The Tallac solution at Arcohe is managed by Applied Technology Solutions, a local trusted MSP.

Archoe School.png
Impact Venture Capital

Impact Venture Capital invests alongside corporate venture groups and top tier investors in early-stage formation technology startups and works feverishly to identify, capitalize, and support the next generation of world-class IT startups.

Impact Venture Capital utilizes the Tallac SD-Branch Cloud and Tallac Mobility solutions for the rapid deployment of centralized Wi-Fi services and simplified provisioning of virtual networks to support events, guest access, and shared tenants.  Utilizing Tallac’s 802.11ac WLAN access points and Tallac’s centralized SD-Branch cloud-managed mobility services, Impact Venture Capital quickly enabled guest access utilizing captive portals and is able to rapidly provision virtual networks for different events and shared tenants at their site.

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