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Tallac Networks, a leader in SDN and cloud-based solutions, offers customized Cloud Consulting to meet your business needs. Tallac Networks has experts with the expertise to provide Cloud Consulting and work with you to design and optimize your cloud-based solution and services.  This includes engineering services, platform enablement and working with you to enable customized cloud services such as IoT, networking, SDN, and other cloud services for your business. From concept to delivery we can provide unique expertise in networking, IoT, and Cloud to accelerate time to market of your cloud solution while reducing technology risk.



  • Tallac is a leader in cloud-based networking with:

    •  PhDs on staff

    •  enterprise networking talent with over 150 combined years of networking experience

    • experts who have published industry books on SDN

    • experts that have led, chaired and contributed widely to networking standards in the industry (IEEE, IETF and ONF)​​

  • Tallac has been a recognized leader in offering Cloud Consulting and guidance, expertise, and training in the industry since 2012.


Contact Tallac now to explore how Tallac can work with your team to design and optimize your Cloud-based solution for your business.



Cloud Consulting

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