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Tallac Networks enables industry-leading hyperautomation providing a new level of control to the branch office via a cost-effective cloud-based solution that offers faster response and resolution to common branch-office issues without having to send your IT tech on-site.

Tallac delivers SD-Branch automation using Software Defined Mobility to deliver solutions providing capabilities for rapid configuration and deployment using robust cloud-based management and automation capabilities for your wired, wireless and branch office appliances.  Tallac is a leading innovator in  the SD-Branch with industry patents delivering cloud-based solutions and services opportunities.

Tallac Networks Team

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Bill is an outspoken advocate for Software-Defined Networking and the rich capabilities this breakthrough technology represents. Bill brings a strong passion for customers, technology, and business results to Tallac.

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Bill Johnson


Paul is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tallac Networks. Prior to Tallac Networks Paul was a Fellow at Hewlett Packard Networking and Communications Labs. He has made countless innovations into mobility, wireless and SDN network infrastructure.   He has become widely esteemed as an inventor and leader in the IEEE and networking industry.


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Paul Congdon

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VP Sales and Marketing

Darla Sommerville

Darla is the VP of Sales at Tallac Networks. With over 25 years of Sales, Marketing, Business, and Channel Development, and Operations Management experience at Hewlett Packard Networking and other companies, Darla has a strong customer focus and passion for working with channel partners and customers to create solutions that deliver business results.

Advisory Team

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CEO for Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation

George Tchaparian

CEO for Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation


Dr. Paul Goransson co-founded Elbrys Networks, Inc. and serves as its Chairperson. As Chairperson of the Elbrys board, Dr. Goransson leads corporate strategy and directs Elbrys’ Intellectual Property portfolio. He founded Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc. in 1988 and served as its President. He co-founded Qosnetics in 1996. He is a passionate, extreme entrepreneur that has led two boot-strap start-up companies through successful acquisitions by industry giants – Qosnetics by Hewlett Packard (1999) and Meetinghouse by Cisco (2006). He held senior management roles with HP’s Advanced Networks division (currently Agilent) focused on Internet protocols and Cisco’s wireless networking business unit focused on wireless branch office and sensors solutions. 

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Founder and Chairman, Elbrys Networks

Paul Goransson

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