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Remote Site Automation

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Remote site automation for branch offices providing increased uptime and business continuity for business-critical applications via a robust and low-cost monthly cloud service


“All the skills of your very best on-site IT Tech as a low cost automated 24x7 cloud service”
Automated Rules and Actions

Customized rules and automated actions to identify and resolve networking issues remotely providing faster responsiveness and improved uptime and cost effectiveness.  Rules and actions can be based on Ping and HTTP tests, WAN/internet monitoring and recovery, LTE failover, and remote power cycling and control. 

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Remote Power Control


Even when your internet is down, an on-site appliance can trigger remote power cycling and can be configured to initiate power cycles based on activities or events, or at specific times  to improve performance and reliability of the network. It is also easy to configure a schedule for when power is available to specific devices to enable customization and better security in the branch office or remote location.

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Automated WAN Recovery and Backup


Continuously monitor WAN and internet connectivity and initiate an automated power cycle of the internet modem and router to recover internet access in the event of an internet connectivity issue.  Balance or dedicate traffic to specific WAN ports and configure the the solution as a cost effective tertiary backup for an existing SD-WAN connections. 

Automated Failover to LTE or secondary WAN


Detect when the primary internet connection is unavailable and  automatically redirect business critical traffic to a secondary connection to provide business continuity for important business critical applications. An LTE backup also provides an out-of-band connection even when the primary WAN/internet connection is down.

Device Discovery & Vulnerability Scans

Tallac's SD-Branch Cloud Management provides discovery and reporting of all networked devices in the branch office and allows vulnerability scans to be performed to identify open and possibly vulnerable application services providing improved management visibility and security of branch offices.

Secure Access to Networked Devices

Get secure VPN access to any connected network device.  The cloud service can be used for a secure connection to connected user devices allowing the user access to all devices connected to the Tallac gateway. This allows access to the local network and the web UI and console to any type of networked device such as printers, local storage, routers, and security devices.

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Typical Remote Site Deployment
Tallac Cloud-Based Solutions

Tallac offers a complete cloud-based solution for your branch offices including WiFi and Mobility solutions, wired Ethernet, and Remote Site Automation solutions that are all managed by Tallac's SD-Branch Cloud management.

Secure Virtual Wired and WiFi Networks

With the Tallac SD-Branch solution it is easy to configure and manage automated policies across WiFi, Wired Ethernet, Gateway and across any AC powered devices enabling intelligence in the cloud and automated action and policies to be implemented in the branch office.

Captive Portals and Social Media Logins

Guest Access allows restricted access to the network using a captive portal and the Tallac Cloud provides the ability to utilize social logins for easy deployment and login to guest access.

The Tallac SD-Branch with Software-Defined Mobility provides distinct secure LAN services for virtual and physical services supporting mobile users, guests, VoIP, security, IoT devices and other networked devices and applications.




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SD-Branch Patents

SDN Consulting

Tallac Networks, a leader in SDN and cloud-based solutions, offers customized SDN Cloud Consulting to meet your business needs. Tallac Networks has SDN experts with the expertise to work with you and provide SDN Cloud Consulting to design and optimize your cloud solution for your business....(more)

SDN Training

Tallac provides customized SDN training delivered by industry experts with real-world experience. With a broad range of learning modules and delivery options, Tallac offers a variety of in-person and online training to meet your business needs....(more)


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“We needed a business-class managed WLAN system that securely extended the application services of our main office network to our branch office networks. Tallac built a secure branch office system based on open standards and Simms Chiropractic has standardized on it.”


Sabya DasIT Manager, Simms Chiropractic

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