Tallac provides customized SDN training delivered by industry experts with real-world experience. With a broad range of learning modules, in-person and online delivery options and formats from 1-hour webinars to 4-day lab-intensive classes, let us build a learning experience that meets your company’s exact needs.

Training Packages

Software-Defined Networking Demistifyed

2-day Lecture providing overview and application of SDN technology.
Businesses are increasingly looking towards network automation to improve time-to-revenue, reduce OPEX and increase customer satisfaction. Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing drumbeat signaling that technologies like Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and cloud data centers can provide these results.
But what is SDN anyway? And what does SDN have to do with NFV and cloud data centers?   You may have a vague idea of what it’s all about, but wouldn’t it be great to get a real handle on the concepts, definitions, technologies, industry impact, major players, myth, reality and even more?
This 2-day course puts it all into perspective
SDN Background
  • History of SDN
  • Technical Drivers for SDN
  • Market Drivers for SDN
Definitions of SDN
  • “Open SDN”
  • “SDN via APIs”.
  • “SDN via Network Virtualization”
SDN Players and Activities
  • Open Standards
  • Open Source Software
  • Vendors: Overview of SDN Solutions
  • Customers: Key Data Center, Carriers and Enterprise Deployments
Use Cases
  • Data Center
  • Carrier
  • Enterprise
SDN Technologies
  • Controllers

Open Source


  • Protocols






SDN Neighbors
  • OpenStack
  • Network Functions Virtualization

SDN Development Fundamentals

3-day Lab-Intensive Kick-Start for SDN Developers
If you want to kick-start your skill set for developing software for SDN and network automation, this 3-day lab-intensive course is the right place to start.  Taught by the author of one of the best-selling books on the subject, “SDN: A Comprehensive Approach”, this course will teach you how to build software applications on top of the most popular open-source controller, OpenDaylight.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of SDN, as well as details of SDN protocols such as, NETCONF, OpenFlow and BGP-LS/PCEP.  Lab exercises allow you to create external, REST-based applications using Python, and internal, MD-SAL applications using Java.
Day One SDN Background, Protocols & Design

SDN Background

SDN History

SDN Definitions

  • Openflow-based SDN
  • API-based SDN
  • Overlay-based SDN

o    SDN Protocols

  • OpenFlow
  • SDN Design

o    SDN Application Types

  • Proactive versus Reactive
  • Internal versus External

o    SDN Application Examples & Labs

  • Learning Switch
  • Router
  • Load Balancer
  • Firewall
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Overlays
  • Offload
  • Network Access Control
  • Blacklist
Day Two: SDN Application Development with Python/REST

Development Environment

o    Python


  • Labs

o    Environment

o    Mounting/unmounting devices

o    Capabilities

o    Interfaces

o    Advanced (ACLs, static routes)

Day Three: SDN Application Development with Java/MD-SAL
  • MD-SAL Architecture
  • Development Environment
  • MD-SAL Tutorial Labs

o    Archetype/structure

o    Application Linkage to Controller

o    Data Definition (YANG model)

o    Reading Data

o    Writing Data

o    RPCs

o    Notifications

SDN Development on OpenDaylight (ODL)

This four day hands-on development course is for developers who plan to implement SDN applications over ODL.
This course introduces the student to the principles of SDN, trains them on the environment used for creating SDN applications, and instructs them on building those SDN applications using both the REST and internal (MD-SAL) APIs.  If you would like to quickly ramp your SDN development skills, this class is right for you.
Day One SDN Introduction & Dev Environment

SDN Overview:

  • SDN Background – how did we get here?
  • SDN Definitions – will the real SDN please stand up?
  • SDN technologies – how does this stuff work?
  • SDN trends – what is happening in the SDN landscape?


  • Importance of an Open Source SDN controller
  • OpenDaylight architecture
  • OpenDaylight releases and release schedules
  • SDN Environment

SDN Protocols:

  • Openflow

SDN Network Emulations:

  • VIRL Overview, Configuration, Labs
  • Mininet Overview, Configuration, Labs
Day Two: SDN Application Design

Proactive and Reactive Applications

SDN Application Design Principles

SDN Application Design Labs

  • Switching (lab)
  • Routing (lab)
  • Load Balancing (lab)
  • Firewalls (lab)

Analysis of SDN Applications Designs:

  • Overlay
  • Offload
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Network Access Control
Day Three: SDN Application Dev with Python/REST
  • Python Basics (& labs)

    REST Basics (& labs)

    ODL REST APIs (& labs)

    NETCONF device APIs (& labs)

    COSC Learning Labs (& labs)

Day Four: SDN Application Development: Java/MD-SAL

MD-SAL Basics (rationale, architecture, development environment)

MD-SAL YANG models (& lab)

MD-SAL Reading and Writing Data (Data Broker, onDataChanged, asynchronous programming, anonymous classes) (& lab)

MD-SAL Notifications (publishing events) and RPCs (receiving API requests) (& lab)

MD-SAL NETCONF communication with device (& lab)

Free Introduction Webinar to SDN