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Notification emails can be sent to any email address, regardless if they have a Tallac SD-LAN user account, you may select different alarm levels and choose which Sites(s) for notification.

Minor Alarms: Device is rebooted

Major Alarms: Device Command Failure

Critical Alarms: Device is offline and is not communicating with Tallac Cloud

Radio Settings


Radio Settings can be configured for individual access points, defaults are provided typical use models. Making adjustments for conflicting channels and adjusting power settings for coverage often requires specialist knowledge.

Auto RF is designed to analyze neighboring wi-fi access points and make updates to the channels to optimize performance, it can be scheduled to run at specific times of the week, or upon request

WMM is Wi-Fi Multimedia for quality of service (QoS) in Wi-Fi networks

Gateway Configurations

A gateway is a device that provides the connection between the local area network (LAN) and the Internet or wide area network (WAN). The LAN includes WiFi radios and internal Ethernet ports. The Gateway may be local and physically attached to other LAN devices or may be remote and connected to the LAN by a tunnel or VPN interface.



Remote: Has three VPN options, SSL VPN, GRE and VXLAN, this allows the Virtual Network to be securely connected to a remote network. Typical use cases are to connect a remote site to a corporate network, or to connect multiple access points together at different locations to create a virtual layer 2 network which share common IP address’s for sharing resources

When using SSL VPN the .opvn configuration files can be uploaded or a simple drag and drop onto the upload area

Tallac Gateway: Enabling the Tallac Gateway allows the configuration of the IP address for the Virtual Network and choice of using a built in DHCP server.


Captive Portal

Tallac provides three types of captive portal with intuitive guided configurations

  1. Click Through. This  basic configuration provides a the user with an easy to identify Wi-Fi network name and image and the options to customize the terms of use, and to define the duration of the session
  2. Email with validation. This is the most common configuration with options to allow users to validated with email, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Typically users are given Wi-Fi access for 5 minutes to access email for validation, and session limits can be set for any length of time before requiring validation. Session data is available for analysis exporting into marketing solutions such as MailChimp or Constant Contact or SFDC
  3. Voucher. This configuration is used when selling Wi-Fi to users and can be configured to limit the number of connected devices and to limit access to a total connected time for example 24hrs which could be over the duration of a week or total simply a predetermined period for example 24hrs from activation


Summary reporting over time on Usage and detailed information on Connected Clients are available at the Virtual Network level or at the individual device level. Filtering by mac address is available within the Connected Clients reporting tab

reporting-usageEvents Tab



Tallac 24 port POE switches can be managed from the Cloud.  Quickly understand the status of each port with green indicating the port is active, additional information includes MAC address(s) of connected clients, VLAN ID’s associated with each port, data throughput and errors. Tallac Management VPN provides easy access to the full switch feature set so that more involved configurations can be implemented without the need to be physically be on site. To enable remote management feature for your account please contact


Management VPN

Tallac Management VPN feature enables a direct connection to the Wi-FI access point or Switch from anywhere to access the embedded device management features for additional configurations or troubleshooting. The video below demonstrates how it can be used to access a Tallac switch for additional CLI configurations. To enable the feature please contact


Groups streamline how you organize the management of your sites. You can add one or more sites to a group and then invite members with various roles

Manager: Has the equivalent permissions as the primary Tallac Cloud account owner

Customer: Has read only access to the group

Clerk: Has permissions to provide captive vouchers

In addition the Tallac SD-LAN account owner may to enable Management VPN and Ordering features


You can self register new devices to your cloud account and then deploy these devices to your sites as needed sites. You can also decommission devices and redeploy to different sites as needed, or leave as decommissioned for future deployment



Tallac offered an integrated ordering process for additional Wi-Fi access points and Switches. Simply decide which devices are needed and click through the guided process. You will receive a confirmation email to complete payment, the devices will be added to your site as soon as they are shipped and will contact the cloud as soon as they are powered on at the site to receive their configuration. There is no need for onsite technical support to deploy the Tallac SD-LAN. Please contact Tallac support to enable the Ordering feature.