• SDN revolution meets 
    managed Wi-Fi Cloud Networks.

    OpenFlow-enabled Restful API.
    Application-based virtualized networks. Boom!

  • SDN training services for partners.

    Delivering web-based or onsite SDN training for
    developers, sales engineers and channel partners.

  • Enable wireless operators to deliver
    business-class multi-tenant Wi-Fi services.

    Secure Wi-Fi network virtualization.
    Cost effective 3rd party hardware. Boom!

Next Generation SDN Wi-Fi Cloud Platform




Tallac Overview

Tallac enables Managed Service Providers to launch a 100% OPEX Wi-Fi  business model. 




Open Network Summit, 2014

SDN revolution meets managed Wi-Fi Cloud Networks enables business customers to break free of proprietary networking.


Deliver multi-tenant Wi-Fi Cloud services. One price. No upgrade costs. Boom!

Tallac combines 100+ years of enterprise networking and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to disrupt how multi-tenant Wi-Fi Services are designed, managed, and monetized.