• Managed LAN Virtualization

    Managed LAN Virtualization
    & Orchestration

    Increased scale and agility
    Improved operational efficiency
    Decreased time-to-revenue



  • Networking as a Service

    New Services. New Revenues.

    Sell networking as a service
    Deliver vertical market solutions
    Reduce costs with network automation



  • SDN-based Wi-Fi Cloud Networks

    SDN Revolution Meets

    Wi-Fi Cloud Networks

    Networking as a service
    OpenFlow-enabled Restful API
    Application-based virtualized networks


Purpose Built Solutions for Managed Network Services

  • Reduce network costs
  • Deliver custom solutions 
  • Scale through automation
  • Drive new revenues
  • Deliver new services
  • Increase overall margins


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Managed Network Services Solutions

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Tallac Overview


SDN World Congress

Multi-tenant Wi-Fi Cloud Services

Deliver multi-tenant Wi-Fi Cloud services. One price. Boom!

Tallac combines 100+ years of enterprise networking and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to disrupt how multi-tenant Wi-Fi Services are designed, managed, and monetized.



Ask about SDN

Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive Approach

Everything you need to know about SDN and how its changing the future of networking. 

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SDN Certification

Become a Next Generation Network Engineer – Get your SDN certification by taking this Software Defined Networks course led by Tim Culver, Director Strategic Program Office at AT&T

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